Why the Sourcecraft Process Works So Well

It is based on 3 tenants: Clarity, Best Match and Confidence. These 3 steps ensure that both you and your senior engineer are happy.

  1. Clarity

    We understand your requirements to the finest detail

    • Your technical & business KPI's
    • What success looks like to you
    • Your technology stack and dependencies
    • Your current team structure
    • Your current communication process
    • Your working culture
  2. Best Match

    We provide you with best fit options from the network. Our network of engineers and specialists qualify on many criteria, and technical superiority isn't the only one. We assess the following:

    • High level of Autonomy.
    • Expertise in the programming languages and frameworks of specialisation.
    • Knowledge of neighbouring disciples.
    • Empathy towards business requirements, stakeholders and complimentary disciplines.
    • Commercial acumen.
    • Contributions to open source projects.
    • Interest and awareness of emerging technologies.
    • Drive for trying new technologies and for continuous improvement.
    • Willing to share knowledge and to educate fellow team members.
    • Community involvement.
  3. Confidence

    We further increase your confidence with our protection plans

    • Top engineers and specialists feel confident working with us. Funds availabilities are guaranteed.
    • You can also feel confident working with the Sourcecraft network. Funds are released to engineers on your approval.
    • We continuously work on our talent's happiness, our engineers and specialists are also one of the handsomely paid with respect to their location.
    • Collaboration thrives when the logistics are taken good care of using a structured, proven process.