Our Mission

Giving Talented Engineers & Data Specialists Unique Opportunities

Great experts are looking challenges. They are great problem solvers. They are forward thinking, like to adopt new technologies, and are looking for organisations that would thrive on their skills.

Great experts would also prefer to focus on their craft over dealing with managing contracts.

Giving Agile Organisations the Much Needed Talent Support

Hiring great talent isn't easy. From sourcing to vetting to negotiating, there is so much to manage. At the same time outsourcing projects may not be the ideal option; project scopes often change purely due to the ever changing market. It is difficult to stay agile when outsourcing, purely due to the nature of it.

Sourcecraft is at the intersection of outsourcing and hiring internally. We reduce the risk of wasted investment on unmatched hires, and we enable organisations to remain agile, able to change with the market. The talent flexibility Sourcecraft provides, means organisations can move faster, and scale up or down as needed.

From The Founder

I started Sourcecraft in 2014 after years of freelancing as a software developer, running tech companies and running a software development agency.

I also noticed that a big contributor to the success or the failure of tech projects was very much related to team culture.

Through my study of behaviour design and through experience working with many companies, it became evident that there is a structured method to building great teams. Sourcecraft's mission is to provide companies and startups this capability.

Iz El-Bahnasy - Founder, Sourcecraft.