What you will Learn

Why Hiring in Tech is Make or Break

How the Tech profession differs from other professions, and why this makes hiring both costly and risky.

Why startups are particulalry exposed to the risks of hiring and scaling teams.

The 5 Step Process for Hiring for Team-Product Fit

You will learn why Team-Product fit should be a higher priority over the notion of hiring 'Guns' or 'Ninjas'.

You will learn how to hire for Team-Product Fit in 5 simple steps.

Neuroscience to Practice

You will learn how I use Behavioural Science and Neuroscience from Stanford, in my practice of hiring Engineers.

We will run through a practical example.

How to Speed Things Up

Hiring for a position in Tech takes an averge of 56 days. This could be a costly lead time.

On this training I typically shrink this period down to 14 days, with Collaborative Hiring.

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